Where the internet comes to die...

Welcome to Deadit, where you can observe the reality of life and death as a part of the human condition. We believe it is a good thing for people to see the objective, unfiltered version of reality instead of the romanticized version of death and violence that we are bombarded with every day by the entertainment industry.

Whatever your reasons are for being here you deserve to be judged on merit and we believe that each individual is able to think for themselves when exposed to reality and objective truth.

About the project itself

Not a Reddit clone, not another gore site. We want a site disentangled from the grasp of corporate censorship and unimpeded by the influence of advertisers. The current social media model is designed to exploit users as the product, and we would like to move away from that as much as possible.

The internet is a powerful tool for humanity and we believe in keeping information and media in the hands of the people rather than corporations or governing bodies. You can decide for yourself whether or not you want to view the world through rose colored glasses. If you want to see the raw, unfiltered reality of life and death... then join us at deadit.com.


Censorship & ads free site: We will always show the reality as it is, objectively.
Privacy focused platform: We don't see our users as a product, we will keep your privacy as a priority unlike social platforms with their info & ads selling bussiness
A site for meaningful discussions:

Content will be unmoderated as long as it's legal and relevant to the forum but moderation in the comments is unfortunately necessary when anonymity becomes a factor.

We will not tolerate explicit racism or bigotry in any form especially when it comes to violence, and also expect our members to keep some level of decorum in discussions.

Project status

In development We are working as hard as we can to finish the project and put it online as soon as possible. Unfortunately we are doing it all by ourselves , without any budget and without economical interests. You can give us a hand if you want and know how to code.

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